Training Services

NSI offers military grade training to government agencies, armed forces and private parties improving their battlefield capabilities and bringing them up to NATO standards.

NSI’s training currently focuses on:

✓ Small Unit Infantry Tactics
✓ Mission planning
✓ Reconnaissance
✓ VIP protection
✓ Close Quarters Combat
NSI is offering a series of specialized courses, both for experienced operators who just seek to refresh their skills and for operators seeking to expand their skillset.

Our instructors combine their military expertise with actual combat experience to provide a unique insight to the perils an operator might face on the job.

With a heavily focused “on the field” training approach NSI’s courses include, but are not limited to:

✓ Firearm packages
✓ Small Unit Tactics
✓ Close Protection Courses
✓ Hostile Enviroment Awareness training
✓ IED Awareness training
✓ Combat First Aid

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