Advisory Services

Advisory Services

NSI offers its’ legitimate clients fully developed expert solutions to any Hybrid or unconventional threats they are encountering, in the form of Advisory Missions and Embedded Training Teams.

Drawing from our cadre’s operational experience our AMETTs’ standard missions entail mentoring, training and coordinating our clients’ assets, enhancing their capabilities to effectively combat these threats wherever they come from, foreign or domestic.

Pathfinding Services

From an assessment for a short business trip to a full plan entailing long term threats to the country’s political situation, our reliable Intel sources and contact network guarantee up-to-date information and spot on situation analysis.

NSI’s Pathfinding services entail facilitating introduction to a rapidly growing new market in Ukraine covering commercial, political and security liaison with local contacts.

Our liaison services are naturally custom tailored to each client’s needs, providing him with everything required before making an informed business decision.

Risk Management

NSI offers comprehensive security advice both with a detailed crisis contingency plan and by deploying a team on the ground.

Taking into account the client’s considerations and objectives, NSI’s team formulates and ensures the execution of a professionally prepared crisis contigency plan, which constantly updates within an ever changing and chaotic security environment.

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